Your Life and Relationships
Can Be Easy and Enjoyable

Life and Enneagram Coaching So You Can Create a Life You Love

Increase Happiness

Decrease Drama

Thrive in Life

Here's the Truth:
Life Shouldn't Have to Feel so Hard.

Dealing with drama in your relationships can you leave you feeling sad, tired, and stressed out.

When life isn't turning out like you thought, it's easy to think there's something wrong with you - or them. Being in a relationship means connecting and communicating and it sometimes means that you feel stuck.

That stuck feeling? It usually shows up in our relationships with people we deeply care about. Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you work, things never change.

At Live in Radiance Coaching, I help people go from stressed, sad and frustrated to calm, confident, and fulfilled.

How does that happen? By changing how you think and feel.

Through coaching, I'll support you with compassion and understanding in:

Understand What Motivates You

You'll start to see yourself as the one responsible for creating all of your own experiences, in all aspects of your life.

Understand What Motivates Others

You'll discover how to feel empathy toward others instead of engaging in the shame and blame game.

Michelle Thompson can help you uncover your blind spots through coaching

Uncovering Your Blind Spots

We all have a specific lens through which we view the world in order to feel safe. I'll help you recognize yours.

I'm Michelle Thompson. I'm a certified life coach.

Over ten years ago, I set out on my own journey to live a radiant life. I was tired of feeling the effect of constant family drama. I wanted to live authentically and consciously. The deeper I explored, the more I experienced connection to myself and understood what was going on. I was creating my own experience and if I created it, I could REcreate it. I finally felt powerful and free.

As I experienced the positive impact this had on my life, the more I wanted to share what I had learned. I talked to my friends and family, and, if I'm honest, anyone who would listen.

I decided that I wanted to help others transform their lives like I had done with my own. I became a certified life coach, Enneagram expert, and conscious leadership practitioner.

Whether you're looking for someone with experience in Conscious Leadership, Law of Attraction, or Enneagram Typing and Coaching, I can help.

I am committed to helping you find true happiness. Are you ready?

Here's How We Can Work Together




Michelle is compassionate and patient, but perhaps more important, she has great instincts and insights and is incredibly skilled at articulating them so that you understand and can put them into action. She has challenged me to look at my stories, get clarity, take responsibility, and to live a more conscious and curious life. I have a new energy and lightness for my work with Michelle, and for this I am incredibly grateful.

–Jeannette, client


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