This Sneaky Mind Trick Can Prevent A TON Of Unnecessary Fights by Michelle Thompson,

This Sneaky Mind Trick Can Prevent A TON Of Unnecessary Fights

March 26, 2017

You’ll be SO glad you learned this. Everybody argues in their relationships. But many couples wonder how much fighting is normal, and whether some of the most unnecessary fights can simply be avoided. The good news? They can.  The most powerful question you can ask yourself in your love relationship — in fact in all relationships — is “How is that just like me?”  …

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Being a Leader in Your Life

March 22, 2016

There are many valuable resources, concepts and theories out there that illuminate what it means to live life from a conscious perspective. The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, written by my mentors, Jim Dethmer and Diana Chapman and their colleague Kaley Warner Klemperer, is hands down the most comprehensive, practical and effective application of the…

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Law of Attraction Coaching

October 26, 2015

As long as you’re letting joy be your guiding light, then you can always stay in balance. –Abraham Hicks We all have the capability of living life radiantly if we do just two things: 1) accept that the Law of Attraction is always at work in our lives, making us powerful creators; 2) take 100%…

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