The Keys to Success For Conscious Women Leaders: A New Paradigm For Thriving

Optimize your impact as a leader and galvanize your team for success!

In this four-part lunchtime workshop series (offered quarterly), you will learn how to eliminate the number one culprit that derails success - drama. We will identify the specific ways leaders and teams unconsciously create drama, disrupting the flow of creativity and
productivity - and then learn to diffuse that drama to create thriving businesses and teams.

This workshop is for you if you want to stop wasting time:

  • putting out fires created by missed deadlines and incomplete work
  • refereeing disagreements, misunderstandings, and power struggles
  • doing work that you find boring, stressful or beyond your scope and/or expecting others to do the same
  • trying strategy after strategy and not getting results that you want

Through an exploration of the four key questions ALL conscious leaders need to ask
themselves and the 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership, you will learn how to:

  • create an accountability culture so that your team members do what they say they will do when they say they will do it
  • build a collaborative and confident team that communicates clearly, honestly, and
  • design a team structure that utilizes each member’s skills for optimal productivity and growth
  • implement systems that are aligned with your mission statement and effectively execute your action plan

Each session will help you answer the four key questions of conscious leadership and provide you with tools and techniques for applying them in real time.

Part 1: How You Are Unconsciously Getting In The Way of Success
Part 2: Embrace Your Stumbles To Clear The Path To Success
Part 3: Doing What It Takes To Succeed As A Conscious Leader
Part 4: Shifting Out of Drama Into A Success Mindset: Now that you have committed to
success, here is how you actually do it.

What: Lunchtime BYOL (bring your own lunch) workshops

Part 1 - February 25, 11:30 am - 1 pm
Part 2 - April 29, 11:30 am - 1 pm
Part 3 - June 3, 11:30 am - 1 pm
Part 4 - September 15, 11:30 am - 1 pm

Where: EvolveHer - 358 W. Ontario St., Chicago, IL

Cost: $35 per session OR $112 if you register now for all four. You can register for all four right now and save 20%, or sign up for one part at a time (each workshop will include a review of content from previous workshops).

Register now for The Keys to Success For Conscious Women Leaders: A New Paradigm
For Thriving and begin your conscious leadership journey today.

Presented by:
Michelle Thompson, Live In RadianceMichelle Thompson, founder of Live In Radiance Life Coaching (Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and experienced Conscious Leadership Practitioner)

As a child growing up in a small town on in New England, my life was peaceful and happy - filled with love, respect and room to develop into who I wanted to be. With this foundation, I
was set on creating the same thing for my own family one day. 25 Years and five children later, the road to my dream was A LOT bumpier than I had anticipated and there was a time in my life when I felt like I was powerless to change my experience until one day I “woke up” and decided something had to change.

This awareness led me on a life-long journey of self-discovery and self-empowerment that energizes me every day. I immersed myself in understanding what makes me tick and how long-held limiting beliefs were holding me back from creating the happy family experience that I really wanted. When I understood this about myself, I wanted to understand how other people ticked and how that impacted their relationships. I especially wanted to understand my husband and children so that I could create and enjoy conscious communication in my home.

As a result of my own experience in dramatically transforming my own family life and the joy it has brought me, I decided to become a life coach to share the possibility of transformation with anyone who wants to change their own experience.

I help people thrive as individuals and create happy families at home and work. I help people to identify the beliefs and behaviors that take them off track, so that they can develop a perspective and way of being that is more in alignment with types of  relationships they want to create, the work they want to do and the life they want to experience.

Donna Placio (Certified Conscious Leadership Coach)

Hi, I’m Donna Placio.  As the eldest of a family of nine siblings, I’ve been developing my leadership skills my whole life. Life growing up in such a large family honed my instincts for seeing and caring for other needs. These instincts combined with my interest in healthcare and the human body led me to a career in physical therapy. This was an excellent fit as I thrived on connection and loved teaching and supportive others.  My nearly 20 years treating patients honed my skills as a compassionate listener, movement expert, and strengthened my healing intuition. My leadership skills continued to grow as a Facility Manager at Athletico for several years. It was this role that gave me my first exposure to the concept of Conscious Leadership in 2007, when Athletico hired Jim Dethmer, founder of The Conscious Leadership Group, to train the management team.

Instantly intrigued by this radical approach to leadership and life, I introduced Jim Dethmer to my husband to support him through a work challenge he was facing.  Typical of me at the time, I was an expert in identifying and solving others issues, but not always very aware or willing to take a look at my own. My team at work embraced the practical tools of Conscious Leadership which proved to be incredibly beneficial to improving our culture and work environment. Little did I know that these same tools I was learning on the job would serve to reshape the very foundations of my life outside of work. As my own family began to grow, I slowly grew aware I was juggling too much and I was out of balance.  I was operating at warp speed and making less and less time for my own self-care.  The cost of all of this included medical emergencies, increasing stress levels, and marital turbulence. Discomfort was dialed all the way up and I was experiencing life as happening “to me”.

As my self-awareness increased, I started getting curious about my patterns and how I was relating to my issues. I began to see my responsibility in recycling the same problems and where I was stuck. As my life started to transform, I made the choice to leave Athletico and pursue Conscious Leadership full time. I enrolled in the Conscious Leadership Group's coaches training program and have transitioned to life as a Coach. I feel so passionate about sharing the tools and practices that have transformed my life to one I could have never imagined: one of less drama, more authenticity, and more presence to enjoy the life that is right in front of me.  I feel excited and honored as I use all that I’ve learned to coach others in making empowered shifts to create the results that they most want!