Couples Coaching

Couples Coaching with Michelle Thompson, LiveInRadiance.comCouples Coaching is a unique opportunity to develop as an individual while learning how to be in conscious loving relationship with your partner.

There are three relationships at play in any partnership – your relationship with yourself, your partner’s relationship with themselves and your relationship with each other.

During couples coaching we look at the unique way in which each of those relationships impact the other positively and negatively.

The main focus is taking one hundred percent responsibility for what you are experiencing and creating in your relationship - the joy as well as the suffering. From that perspective we develop practices that reliably shift thoughts, beliefs and behaviors away from creating pain and suffering and instead move you toward deep, loving connection.

What you will learn:

  • How to create commitments that are in alignment with the type of relationship you want to build.
  • How to create and honor (or renegotiate) clean, clear agreements that generate trust and respect.
  • Why and how you – as an individual and as a couple - repeat ineffective and painful behavior and thought patterns that undermine your relationship; and then learn how to shift out of those patterns and create new patterns that support a thriving relationship.
  • How to eliminate judgment, blame and criticism and replace it with authentic, loving communication and appreciation.
  • How to stop drama in it’s tracks and shift out of the separation it creates into deep, honest connection.

Are you ready to dive in? Schedule your introductory call today so we can determine how you can be develop a more conscious, loving relationship with your partner.