Parenting Coaching

Parenting Coaching with Michelle Thompson, LiveInRadiance.comParenting Coaching is a highly effective approach to personal and relationship transformation and is a particularly rich experience. Not only do I work with clients to help them discover how they are the source for their own pain and their own happiness, but I also offer them the opportunity to see their children (and their co-parent) as their greatest teachers.

Clients typically come to me for parent coaching because they are experiencing a “problem” with one or more of their children and/or their co-parent. It truly seems that they (the child or co-parent) and the “problem” are the source of their discomfort and dissatisfaction.

If you are thinking that your children and/or spouse are the problem, then parenting coaching may be just right for you.

Through mindful awareness of your reaction (in thought and deed) to your children’s behavior and conscious reflection on your patterns of behavior and belief, you begin to understand how every interaction with your child is reflection of how you see the world and how they see themselves in the world. Do not despair. Though the drive to protect our children, coupled with the drive to protect ourselves and the way we see the world, is a perfect storm of fear and need and a breeding ground for turmoil; it is also an endless opportunity for self-awareness and healing.

What you will learn:

  • To identify your unique recipe for creating drama in your family.
  • To observe your unhealthy patterns in action and then learn how stop that drama in it’s tracks.
  • To transform conflict into experiences of deep connection setting you on the path to creating a happy, healthy family.

Are you ready to dive in? Schedule your introductory call today so we can determine when you want to begin to learn how to parent consciously.